Bothered by the light and glare brought about by the sun into your windows?  Concerned about the sun heat and radiation penetrating through your glass windows and doors? While you may have existing window and door covers, it may not be enough to protect you from the gl...

June 28, 2019

Your windows and window shades show reflection of your home.  Ensure them by simply having do's and don'ts.  


  * Always clean your blinds, shades and windows regularly.

    * If not in use, roll them up to avoid obstructions.

    * Have your...

June 24, 2019

When installing your window blinds, you should first know your window requirement. There are instances wherein your window opening's depth is wide enough for your blinds to be inside mounted and there are times where it can only be mounted outside. Know what is best an...

April 26, 2019

A typical window blind has pull cords in order to use it. But, in the late 2000's, the window covering industry issued a recall to repair all window coverings to prevent strangulation to young children. This includes all window coverings that had pull cords that can fo...

Everyone cares about the brand!

The branding will explain the overall quality of the product. Of course, before investing in such product you really need to know the composition of the materials. Especially in choosing the right brand for your window covers.

Do you ever...

For anyone building or remodeling a home, energy efficiency is a key factor. From insulation to location, how you build a home can have a direct impact on how much energy it uses.

While a Passive House, one that can remain comfortable through all seasons without employi...

While constructing a new house or renovating the old one or even improving the interiors, designing the windows should be considered as the top priority because they will be providing you with air and light by the time you live in the place. Nowadays, enhancing the loo...

You might ask: What type of handle can coordinate perfectly with my blinds?

If you're seeking to optimize the look of your new window cover, read further! Accugine offers a variety of handle options to choose from:

Fabric Cord

Color: (Ivory, Beige or Choco)

Accugine lift c...

While the style and color of the fabric determines 80% of the look of your window treatment, 20% is determined by the style of Head rail and Bottom Bar. 

In this article, Accugine will share with you the 2 types of head rail cover (a.k.a. Valance) that comes with your b...

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July 31, 2018

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